The industry’s first automated family law software, designed for use by law firms and their clients.

With Disclosure-Pro, law firms leverage digital tools, automation, strategic third-party integrations and secure document and data delivery to simplify the financial affidavit process, reduce errors and increase productivity in case strategy & negotiation.

It's time to simplify the financial affidavit process. Empower your clients, delight your team.

Designed by Family Law Experts

Disclosure-Pro is family law software designed for practicing attorneys, by practicing attorneys, to surprise and delight our customers.

Leading Client

Our family law software platform puts attorneys and clients in the driver’s seat with an easy-to-use “wizard” that walks all parties through the process.

Secure Data & Document Exchange

Our secure integrations with industry-leading financial and asset valuation software ensure that data and documents are readily available and fully secure.

Automated Financial Affidavits

Automate the collection of financial data and documents for the completion of the financial affidavit utilizing strategic third-party integrations to facilitate the automated completion of required financial data.

  • Automated pull of assets, liabilities, income, investments, and employment
  • Leading self-service capability, easily upload supporting documents
  • Electronic signing and certification of financial affidavits and supporting documentation

Innovative Online Tools

Modern, digital solutions that increase efficiency and simplify the user experience.

  • Case Managment Dashboards
  • Marital Property Division
  • Financial Calculators
  • Visual Data Modeling
  • Secure Delivery of Documents & Data

Client & Team Collaboration

Bringing automation and client collaboration to the financial affidavit process, Disclosure-Pro delivers an intuitive wizard-based, interview-style experience for the client and collaboration tools to keep clients on task

  • Real-time interaction and tasking to drive client actions
  • Progress & Status Tracking
  • Important Dates & Deadline Tracking
  • Concurrent Users in Case Files

Technology partners and integrations

Seamlessly and securely automate client data and documents using our industry-leading partner integrations.