We are LEVYL

We are a legal technology company based in Colorado. Our mission is to streamline and automate tedious processes for law firms and their clients.

We are proud to announce the first of many legal software solutions, Disclosure-Pro.

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Levyl is a proud Colorado-based company, made up of technology and industry experts that have been solving complicated, financial and legal problems through innovative technology solutions for decades, and we’re excited to bring these ideas to the legal industry.

The LEVYL Story

As one of the top family law attorneys in Colorado, Jennifer Knies always knew there had to be a better way to help her clients complete the arduous and manual process of collecting personal and financial information that’s required for all domestic relations cases.  Jennifer’s husband, Brad Thompson had already been solving this exact problem in the mortgage industry for many years, so in 2019 Jennifer and Brad decided to form a technology company to not only solve the problem of data and document collection, but to focus on all areas of inefficiency and manual processes that plague the legal industry today. And with this, Levyl was born.

Our Founding Team